Tuesday, May 8, 2007

WS-TX has made version 1.1 an OASIS standard

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The X-members of the shinning WS-star just keeps producing new standards. Now it's WS-Transaction version 1.1 that's become an OASIS standard. It's also one more of these standards to consist of multiple specifications, here the three (from the OASIS standards list):

  • Web Services Coordination (WS-Coordination) v1.1
  • Web Services Atomic Transaction (WS-AtomicTransaction) v1.1
  • Web Services Business Activity (WS-BusinessActivity) v1.1

I'm not sure what happened to version 1.0, if there ever was one cause I can't find it on the WS-TX TC homepage. Judging from the list of companies that has participated in this standard, it looks much more promising than when I looked at WS-Context (maybe they are more related that i know of, but doesn't really change my view on it). Since I'll probably never have time to look into this standard I'll take the version short description of the specifications from the press release:

WS-Coordination enables an application service to create the context necessary for propagating an activity to other services.
WS-AtomicTransaction defines agreement protocols for short-lived activities having the all-or-nothing property.
WS-BusinessActivity defines protocols for long-running transactions that require compensation-based agreement.
Working together, these specifications enable existing transaction processing, workflow, and other systems to hide their proprietary protocols and operate in a heterogeneous environment