Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I no longer have to wait for Joost to come out of beta

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I my home we don't have a TV, so when one of my girls wants to watch the children's program from The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Danmarks Radio - DR) we use the streaming service that they offer. The problem with this service (the chosen format aside) is that it's way to often overloaded with the result that we're thrown off or i hangs for long periods (restart of streaming somehow seems to help, but is really annoying to do ex. every 5 minute).

Some time ago I saw that DR are working together with Joost to give greater availability. Back then I went to the Joost website to find that it's still in beta, and that you can't just try it out, you'll have to be invited, sigh. One evening I saw that the most popular search on Technorati was for joost invite and saw just how fast people commented to get an invite. Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet someone who could invite me. Since i looked last they removed the 5 invite per user limit, but anyway I still needed the invite. Last night I tried it out, and it turns out that only a few programs from DR are featured, so it'll not help getting a better signal for DR children programs. If I had the time I could probably waste some time on the sci-fi channel, but i do not have that much time :-). The stream quality in general seemed good, and hopefully I'll find some more time to check it out. Also it'll be interesting to see just how annoying the adds will be, since I didn't see any when I tried it out.