Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Using the ISB UDDI #1

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The Infostructurebase ( has it's own UDDI ( It's the Microsoft implementation of version 2 of the Oasis standard for Universal Description, Discovery and Integration.

Getting started with the webservice api to the ISB UDDI, can be a hurdle even if you have some knowledge of UDDI, finding the endpoints, WSDL and consuming them in your webservice client framework is not out of the box - not me for me at least using Axis2. The original userguide SOAP User guide_2.0_.pdf is somewhat outdated.

I've created my own WSDL that defines the missing service in the standards WSDLs, and I think it's compliant with the basic profile (1.1) from the ws-i. I've keept them together since it's more simple, but I still have to run WSDL2Java twice (for each /wsdl:definitions/wsdl:service/@name) for a reason that's not clear to me, but a s I understand it has to do with axis2 targeting WSDL2 (which I have not looked into yet). I've tried to have both port's in just one service, but didn't make it easier, since there was only generated code for one port.

    1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    2 <wsdl:definitions xmlns:wsdl=""
    3   xmlns:tns=""
    4   xmlns:soap=""
    5   xmlns:uddi-inquiry="urn:uddi-org:inquiry_v2"
    6   xmlns:uddi-publication="urn:uddi-org:publication_v2"
    7   targetNamespace=""
    8   name="ISB-UDDI">
   10   <wsdl:import namespace="urn:uddi-org:inquiry_v2"
   11     location="" />
   12   <wsdl:import namespace="urn:uddi-org:publication_v2"
   13     location="" />
   15   <wsdl:service name="InquireService">
   16     <wsdl:port name="InquirePort"
   17       binding="uddi-inquiry:InquireSoap">
   18       <soap:address
   19         location="" />
   20     </wsdl:port>
   21   </wsdl:service>
   23   <wsdl:service name="PublishService">
   24     <wsdl:port name="PublishPort"
   25       binding="uddi-publication:PublishSoap">
   26       <soap:address
   27         location="" />
   28     </wsdl:port>
   29   </wsdl:service>
   31 </wsdl:definitions>