Friday, September 22, 2006

Migrating drupal site from mysql5 to a mysql4.1-server

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Strange - I thought all my encoding problems went away with utf-8, but I've just spend 2 hours figuring out how to migrate a dupal-4.7 site using mysql5 to a hosting site with mysql4.1. I ended up exporting (mysqldump) the database as latin1 (--default-character-set=latin1) and importing it as such, and that solved the problem - weird.

Among other un-nice and un-expected problems was that a mysql user needs to be granted permissions to '(UN)LOCK TABLE', which isn't enabled at the hosting firm, and finally a table had to change the primære key to auto_incrementI'm sure that there's more to do - haven't looked at the pages with attachments yet - but now it looks like it works :-)