Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Demo WSDL for part of OIOUBL Simpel Ordering

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I want to get back on track with my WCF certification and the best thing to do seems to be rolling a service myself. I've had this post in draft for almost two years now so it's about time i finalize it! To save myself from yet another uninspiring hello world example I've decided to base it on a simple document flow that's part of a basic OIOUBL process " OIOUBL BASPRO - Basic procurement Cycle [PDF]. This will not only give my webservice a touch of the real world but I'll also update my knowledge of OIOUBL slightly.

Here's a couple of diagrams:

There's a complete package to download from and this one is called Basic procurement Cycle (Ref. S03) [].

I'll develop this WSDL based on the Contract First principle - that's based on the schemas (and not generate it from code), but where do I find the XML Schemas for OIOUBL? The answer is on the introduction page to OIOUBL in the section "The relationship between OIOUBL and UBL 2.0" (my strong):

As mentioned above, OIOUBL is a subset of UBL 2.0. This means that UBL 2.0 contains a number of business documents in addition to the ones in OIOUBL. For example international transportation documents. These additional business documents are fully compatible with and may be used with the OIOUBL documents. However, no Danish language instructions or guidelines are provided for these documents.

The OIOUBL specifications are based directly upon the UBL 2.0 XML schemas. No additional XML schemas have been developed or are required for OIOUBL.

It should be noted that, for business reasons, a few elements from the UBL 2.0 schemas have been excluded in the OIOUBL customization. These elements have been judged as not applicable in Denmark, either because of specific Danish legislation, or because they are of not relevant in a Danish context. These omitted elements will not be present in the OIOUBL specifications, and if these fields were to be used they will not pass the document validator published by the National IT and Telecom Agency.

So contrary to the first Danish adoption to UBL, here no special schemas so I can use the one from the OASIS website UBL-Order-2.0.xsd. The rest is just boilerplate WSDL.

I've uploaded the WSDL SX_OIOUBLorderDemo.wsdl to (the successor of the InfoStructureBase). It's still open to anyone, and the biggest change I've found is that once you've made anything public it can't be edited! Not the file (artifact) nor the resource (metadata), the only way is a new version of the resource.


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