Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Multiple same specifications" and the missing boot.log

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I'm using Fedora for my DTop and for some time I've had two SELinux warnings during boot complaining about "Multiple same specifications" for some VLC files. Tonight I finally did something about it and found a spot on post on by lonecrow called SELinux "Multiple same specifications" annoyance, where macemoneta gives the answer.

Getting this fixed was nice, but it's not all the story. I found the warnings during boot on the console, but at first I didn't memorize it and looked for the warning in /var/log/boot.log to discover that it was empty!:

# ll /var/log/boot.log
-rw------- 1 root root 0 Dec 26 21:28 /var/log/boot.log

What the hell, had my system been compromised for I know not how long? Luckily it hasn't (hopefully) since it's an anti-feature of Fedora that logging to boot.log is disabled. You can read for yourself on Bugzilla Bug 151238: boot.log is empty - it's a very old bug that's been in the frozen zone for some time and obviously didn't even get fixed in the most recent dist: Fedora 8. I'm surprised that something that fundamental isn't working, but instead of just complaining I'll have to sign up for bugzilla and give my vote cause I sure can't change it myself.