Saturday, March 14, 2009

I sure would like to remov the "_WidgetManager._Init" javascript blob

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When I did a W3C Validation check on my last blog post I once more stumbled upon the quite large JavaScript blob that drops at the buttom of my pages. Some time ago I looked at this with the hope that I could remove it through my template but I never succeded and just gave up. I stille hope that they either drop it all together og externalize it so it doesn't break validation and make it possible to seperate XHTML markup from JavaScript.

When I first looked at it I found an entry on the Blogger Help Group with the title "Widget Manager Code Added To HTML". In my last post it starts like:

 <script type='text/javascript'>
_WidgetManager._Init('', '','591744930960839717');

A ran it through the wc command that gave me the output 11 779 25931, that is:

11    newlines
779   words
25931 bytes

So that's a good 26 kilo bytes of JavaScript!.