Friday, December 14, 2007

Dont update Eclipse - upgrade

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I've been a happy Eclipse user for some years now. I've seen all sorts of nice features being added like the WTP project in it self. One thing that hasn't changed that much though is the update tool. Updating Fedora with yum is quite simple and relatively quick, but that's not the way I experience it with Eclipse. It seems rather slow and using to choose mirrors makes it very slow (haven't found the fast sites). I'm not all alone with that: Eclipse updates still lag behind.

Therefore I update seldom, but the other night I thought it was time to update again. So I ate the pain an started goin:

And it kept like this with the diffenrent tools I use, finally getting ready to install and then I got an error! I'm sorry I didn't make a screenshot of it, but I sure as h*** wasn't going to do it once more, so I thought I might try some precision work:

It turned out that my setup contained errors, even though I hadn't had any problems with it. Maybe an update on this plugin could fix it:

Nope, no news. I gave up and dowloaded that latest J2EE package from scracth and installed anew my favorite plugins like subclipse. With a completly new package I decided to stay updated and ran the tool again:

I have perviously updated with success, but now I've realized that I don't update Eclipse - I upgrade.