Sunday, October 14, 2007

OIO e-Business - "there's a new Registry in town"

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The OIO e-Business framework has a as one of it's centrale components a UDDI registry. For a little background information visit OIO Service Oriented Infrastructure - Exchange of business messages over the Internet. At this year JAOO, Mikkel Hippe Brun gave the presentation Using the public Danish SOA Infrastructure. update: the presentation is available online on infoq. The slides specific to the use of UDDI registry I've included here:

four slides from presentation describing the usage of registry

The infrastructure has a central master registry (based on a commercial product) and decentral registries with a combination of local information and replicated data from the master registries. To lower the barriers for deployments (both technical and economical I guess) they've had an open source implementation (Apache License 2.0 license) developed of an UDDI registry version 3 (OASIS standard since February 2005). An overview of the architecture can be seen here: