Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Starting TCPMon from ant

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Since I love to see the brackets that tickle down the wire - that sweet ol' XML I've had great use of TCPMon. Originally it was part of Axis1 (maybe also the prior project) but with Axis2 is has been factored out to a separate project under WS-Commons as TCPMon (at the moment there isn't any link to it from the WS-Commons root folder, but that should be updated soon).

I've normally just started it from a minimal shell script, but as I was using a Windows machine the other day i stroke me that It would be easy and platform (OS) independent to start it from Ant - well it sure is:

<target name="tcpmon" description="Starts TCPMonitor">
  <java fork="yes" 
    <arg value="${tcpmon.port}" />
    <arg value="${destination.hostname}" />
    <arg value="${destination.port}" />

Notice that the package.classname has changed due to the new project. Now it's real easy to start it either on the commandline direct through ant og though the Eclipse Ant view.