Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Completely valid XHTML with Minima Stretch - changing to a simpler layout for Blog Archive

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A couple of days ago i gave the Minima Stretch my best go for producing valid XHTML (see Almost valid XHTML with Minima Stretch). I was able to reduce the number of errors to 24, but the Blog Archive Widget had to be rewritten heavily and I'm not even sure that it can be done. Today I got another thought - what about a diffent style for my Blog Archive since it might help with a more simple widget. The result was great, where Hierarchy gave me 24 errors both Flat List and Dropdown Menu didn't give any errors resulting in -> valid XHTML!



Roman Zolotarev said...

Hello Brian,

You did a great work to make blogger valid XHTML. Please share this template.

Thank you in advance,

Roman Zolotarev said...

By the way CSS is not valid anymore (few bugs).

Sweetxml said...

Hi Roman

Thank you for feedback. I remember it as quite a job to work with and around blogger to get it valid.

I would gladly share it if you'll just send me you're email to sweetxml -at- gmail.com.

As for the errors I think some of them comes from the generated style sheets which I think I can ignore since they trigger/carry me sign in, as to enable clickedit on my posts directly - a feature/issue I never got around to writing an entry about.

Best regards

Federico Sánchez said...

Would you be so kind to send me the code of your valid template? Thank you.

Sweetxml said...

Hi Federico Sánchez

I'll be glad to, but please send me an email (look at the comment above) and I'll send it to you. Do note that I havn't updated it in the meantime so the css has the same issues.

Brgds Brian