Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Valid XHTML @ blogger.com

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When I looked at support for XPointer in Firefox I ended up using quite some time trying to get my blog pages (through blogger.com) to become clean and valid XHTML, as the template states. That was by far no easy, and the three main problem areas was:
* The template with markup
* The code thats included automatically by blogger.com (the navigation bar)
* The markup generated by the custom layout tags
* The markup used in the posts

I googled for some help but didn't find much and most of my findings were either for the old version of blogger.com or regrets that it still wasn't valid XHTML we are in the year 2007, more than 7 years after the first recommendation for XHTML.


Rosa Fernández said...

After a lot of work and with your help about navigation bar out of the template, now I have no mistakes in order to validate WCAG1.0. (0,0,0 mistakes). I´m very proud of it because I´m not an informatic.
Please, I need a little help from you: How, what and where I should do in order to have:
"Your browser could not show this page as an object, click on this link to see the navigationbar" at the top of the blog, as you have in yours.
Thanks a lot,
Rosa, from Madrid, Spain

Sweetxml said...

Hi Rosa

Congratulations on your success, I haven't looked at it for a long time though. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking for, but if it's about the alternative text itself you should just place it in the object-element content, se ex. the html 4 specification 13.3.1 Rules for rendering objects.

Best regards Brian

gavenkoa said...

Thanks in response on other article!

I amazing of your attempts to make Blogger XHTML clean and read all related your aticle.

Recently Brett Morgan (who work at Google) ask for tips how improve Blogger in blogger-dev Google groups mail list and at


I think you like answer in quesion:
"Make HTML5 template valid possible."