Thursday, March 8, 2007

Inline image with data URI scheme

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I just recalled that it is possible to inline an image and after som googling i (re)found that the trick is the data URI scheme. It's not because I need it for anything but it's a nice nerdy feature, because why should i fill my pages with binary content and avoid caching and also IE probably doesn't support it. Anyhow i used uuencode (my favorite commandline encoder) to generate the BASE64 string. But the blogeditor ruins it by inserting <br/> after each line in the BASE64 text so I will not show here, but fine from a local file on my harddrive. But then i found a hint that showed me how to disable these automatic line breaks and voilá:

I can add it as an image and the upload goes okay:

but in the blog post the line breaks are introduced again. I looks like it time to investigate some of the other options for posting.